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The FAEP’s mission is to support the professional development of its members and to educate its members on conditions affecting the equine industry as well as methods for improving the welfare of horses in the state of Florida.

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October 18-21, 2018
FAEP 14th Promoting Excellence Symposium

The President's Line

Ruth-Anne Richter, BSc (Hon), DVM, MS
2016 FAEP President

Ruth_AnneI am excited to take over the reins as council president for 2016 from Dr Corey Miller; large shoes to fill, and I hope that I can continue the high standards. I have been fortunate to have been a member of the FVMA's Equine-Exclusive FAEP Council for a number of years, and have enjoyed being a part of the journey. As we move into the first quarter of this new year, I am excited to see how far we have progressed since our merger with the FVMA. This year, 2016, brings exciting changes, including the inception of updated bylaws. The FAEP council has worked hard to bring you, the equine practitioners quality continuing education. We are excited to announce that we will be traveling offshore once again, and will be holding, the Promoting Excellence Symposium in San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 19-23, 2016.

Ocala Equine Conference 2016 was a huge success with record numbers of attendees and vendors alike. Another verywell-received ultrasound wet lab was held this year at Equine Medical Center of Ocala, where participants honed their ultrasound skills of the thorax and abdomen, the hind suspensory ligament, the metacarpal region and the foot. Everyone that attended was enthusiastic and went away with helpful "pearls" from the instructors. We are currently working on the 2017 OEC, at which we are planning to include the unique veterinarian-farrier Foot Symposium.

As always, the FAEP could not organize and hold these quality events without the efforts of the FVMA staff and our executive director, Phil Hinkle. The FVMA staff work diligently in the background to facilitate obtaining the beautiful venues where we hold our annual PES, and arranging the events associated with these conferences, making things appear seamless. We thank-you all for your support. Believe me, the staff may appear to be gliding across the still waters of the pond, but are paddling fiendishly to make it all work!

The continued support of our educational partners is invaluable, without which we could not hold the quality CE events that we do. We hope that you will join us in Puerto Rico in October. Featured speakers include Dr. Robert MacKay, Dr. Anne Dwyer and Dr. Laurie Goodrich. Topics in internal medicine, sports medicine and ophthalmology are scheduled as well as the popular rehabilitation discussions. We look forward to seeing you there, and remember, as US citizens, no passport is required.

Please feel free to contact any member of the FAEP or FVMA staff with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.