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The FAEP’s mission is to support the professional development of its members and to educate its members on conditions affecting the equine industry as well as methods for improving the welfare of horses in the state of Florida.

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October 18-21, 2018
FAEP 14th Promoting Excellence Symposium

April 2011

FAEP Council and FVMA Members,

shellowAlthough it may have seemed a little quiet this quarter, we have actually been very busy! The FAEP’s merger with the FVMA is complete and we have finished planning our programs for three fantastic meetings this year. I would like to thank Phil Hinkle, the FVMA Executive Board, and the FVMA Staff.

We have our third Foot Symposium scheduled for July 22-23 at the Doubletree Resort in Orlando. We have a fantastic lineup for veterinarians and farriers including Mike Miller, Pat Reilly, Ruth-Anne Richter, Scott Morrison, Mitch Taylor and Ian McKinlay.

Our 7th Annual Promoting Excellence Symposium in the Southeast at the Omni Hotel and Resorts in Amelia Island, Florida, is planned for Sept. 29-Oct. 2. The theme for this year’s meeting is “Advanced Equine Sports Medicine: Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Rehabilitative Therapies.” Once again we have a great group of speakers including Doctors Sue Dyson, Mike Ross, Stephanie Valberg, Carol Gillis, Kim McGurrin, Wes Sutter, John Madison, Mark Crisman, Chris Sanchez, Margo Macpherson and Steve Brinsko. We are also having an advanced imaging wet lab “Focusing on Joints” with Carol Gillis at the White Oak Plantation.

The Ocala Equine Conference is Oct. 21-24 at the Ocala Hilton and will also include an ophthalmology wet lab and an imaging wet lab.

Dr. Amanda House and I went to Tallahassee with the FVMA Legislative Committee March 23-24 (Legislative Action Days) working on legislative issues affecting our profession. This included speaking with senators and representatives about HB 1437 and SB 1586 that we wrote to protect us from unlicensed veterinarians continuing to be allowed to practice in the state of Florida. We had the pleasure of working with the FVMA’s lobbyists Juhan and Pat Mixon who have done a fantastic job on our behalf.

I would like to invite any of you to join one of our committees and become involved in your organization as well as submit and article for The Practitioner. I hope to see you at one or more of our events this year.

All the best,

Jackie Shellow