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The FAEP’s mission is to support the professional development of its members and to educate its members on conditions affecting the equine industry as well as methods for improving the welfare of horses in the state of Florida.

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October 18-21, 2018
FAEP 14th Promoting Excellence Symposium

January 2010

Dear Fellow FAEP Members:

house I would like to extend our best wishes for a Happy New Year 2010 on behalf of the FAEP FAEP Officers! Thank you for your support of the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners. The board also wants to thank Dr. Leann Kuebelbeck, our 2009 President, Dr. Craig Roberts, our 2009 Interim Executive Director, and outgoing board members Dr. Tim Lynch and Dr. Peter Kazakevicius for all of their hard work and a great 2009. I am looking forward to an excellent year with the FAEP in 2010. We have some terrific CE and member benefits planned for the upcoming year. I also want to welcome our new executive director Mr. Eric Nygaard. Eric is a certified journeyman farrier and is the 2010 President of the American Farrier’s Association. He has numerous years of experience in the equine industry and with the AFA’s board and convention planning committee. We are looking forward to working with Eric in the years to come.

Our first event of the new year comes as a free CE opportunity for our members. The FAEP Breeding Soundness Exam Short Course will take place at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala on Saturday, February 6, from 1-4 pm. The BSE short course will be a hands on lab limited to 30 veterinarians, and will review the BSE in the stallion and the mare. Additional information is on our website and you can email Eric to register at EricFAEP@aol.com.

We plan to use our website, facebook, and email to update our members on important information throughout 2010. We would love for you, our members, to be more involved in our organization. If you are able to volunteer on committees or are interested in being on the board, please sign in under the FAEP Member Involvement Portion of the website http://www.faep.net/membership/participate.php . We also want to encourage our membership to submit articles for The Practitioner, our FAEP journal. Please email me if you have an article to be considered for submission at housea@vetmed.ufl.edu.

Finally, please mark your calendars for the 2010 Promoting Excellence Symposium in Orlando, Florida from November 4-6, 2010. Please note the later date, so that we would not conflict with the WEG in Lexington, KY. The symposium’s theme will be The Equine Athlete, with a focus on regenerative medicine. We have some excellent speakers lined up including Drs. Steve Reed, Doug Byars, David Frisbie, and Jim Robertson. We are also adding a practical “How To” session to the meeting this year, and are encouraging abstract submissions for April 1, 2010. How To speakers will receive a complimentary registration to the meeting.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year and prosperous 2010!

All the best,

Amanda M. House, DVM, DACVIM
2010 FAEP President